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 Very Rev. Varghese

 Marunninal Cor-Episcopa

 Phone:  (845)364-6014



Rev. Fr. Dr. Jerry Jacob

Phone: (845) 519 - 9669



Worship Schedule


   Evening Prayer 6:30 PM

   Morning Prayer: 8:30 AM
   Holy Qurbana: 9:00 AM
   Sunday School: 12:00 PM



  E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

   Phone :   (845) 519 - 9669


   Treasurer: John N.P.

   Phone:  (845) 642- 5384


   Secretary: Shibu Peter

   Phone:  (845) 216 - 6957



   36, 1st street

   Nanuet, New York.


 We encourage you to become part of Our Youth Association


The St George Youth Association is an active religious organization working in the Parish. It co-ordinates and leads the youth for charity works. It does great service to the society through the medical treatment aid project, the relief aid project and the social welfare aid project. The Association organizes meetings on every Saturday for evangelization in the church. The youth association does praiseworthy service during the Denaha, and Easter celebrations to maintain discipline among the multitudes.



The Youth Association has three mottos: Worship, Study and Service. Perhaps the first and most important motto is worship. The members come together and worship our God, Jesus Christ, singing and praying for all His blessings. The second motto is studying the Holy Bible, Holy faith and beliefs. The movement urges the members to read and study Bible while excelling in their academic activities. The third motto of Youth Association is to provide service by spreading the Gospel and helping the poor and the needy.


Youth Association activities in our Parish

We have a very active Youth Association unit in our parish. The members meet almost every week after the Holy Eucharist on Sundays. In addition to the regular prayer meetings, the Youth Association unit organizes monthly prayer meetings and Bible study sessions at the members’ residences. Our unit also coordinates with the other units in organizing retreats and other activities. It is also very active at the Diocesan level


Committe Members

Vice President:         Diva Marunninal

Secretary:                  Soniya George

Treasurer:                 Melissa Roy

Members:                 Amy Sunny

           Christina Paulson

                                   Sherin Mathai

                                   Deepthy Maruninal

                                   Vivian Tony